Boutique Hotel & Restaurant Adler 1604 in the Black Forest Welcome!

Eat * Drink * Enjoy * Sleep * Repeat *

Suite Dreams


Our rooms offer what the heart desires.
Little touches add to an overall 'feel good' & comfortable ambiance.  A cozy room to retreat to, which promotes a good nights' sleep is our aim for you. Our brand new suites include Nespresso coffee, exquisite tea varieties, daily amenities, room-service & the usual bits & bobs: WiFi, Digital clock, hair dryer, umbrella, iron,  Smart TV with international channels. 

Special requests?
Just talk to us & feel at home. 

Like the first morning


An overnight stay at Adler 1604 includes a healthy, scrumptious a la carte breakfast menu. If you have special dietary needs, just let us know in advance and we will accommodate you as best as we can. Breakfast also includes:

Daily fresh juices,  a selection of fruits &  whatever our Chef may wish to surprise you with. Oh and of, tea 

& hot chocolate too !

Bon Appetit


Our culinary style: 

Trendy, colourful, surprising & sexy!

Restaurant Adler 1604 is open for dinner. 

Our menus offer a delicious variety to suit your taste & our lounge atmosphere is the place to enjoy those moments between day and night, maybe with a glass of bubbly & some tapas ?
Dining on our Summer Terrace
from May to September.
Call to reserve a table on 07836 9575800.

Local ingredients


We try to source most of our produce from farms and gardens within the Black Forest region - and we learnt our culinary skills long before 'farm-to-table' was a brand or lifestyle. Back then it was simply - 'go run and fetch some potatoes from Farmer Franz and on your way back - pick up the greens in your mothers  garden' - and chop chop!

Crazy culinary combinations


Ever tried a home-made truffle sausage? Or a Cordon-Bleu explosion ?  Shanghai Style Pork Belly ? Whisky Beef Filet? Or even a Symphony of Ocean & River Fish ? Come on then....
Let us spoil you and take you on a journey. 

Service with a Smile


We enjoy what we do and we take true genuine pleasure in serving you. After all you have chosen to come and stay with us for a while...what a pleasure! We are  small, intimate, personal, family-run, central location, trendy, unique & approachable.
Welcome to our home -  Adler 1604!

The magical tale of a 400-year old timber house



For the past four centuries, Adler 1604 has been a place of relaxation to travelers of all walks of life. 

Here is just a small glimpse into the house of history and many traditions:

Once a lodging for noble guests; a welcome hiding place during the war, where its' end was signified by the butcher's white apron, serving as a white flag as well as the distribution of chocolates to the children in the village, marking the beginning of peaceful times and postwar friendship ...

The Adler House also served as a muse for many traveling artists, who felt compelled to pause and inspired to draw the shapely structure.

In the fifties the house became a popular holiday destination, especially for guests from the big cities and during the 1970's  international arrivals increased and began to attract celebrity guests, including stars and actors from Germany's famous 80's TV series - 'The Black Forest Clinic' who were filming in the historical town of Schiltach. 

Fun fact: Before the Adler was built in 1604, ancient herb gardens occupied the space, 

so maybe it is not so surprising,that a home of hospitality and culinary delights grew from these very grounds. 

After a 10-year rest, the Adler is described by many as a Sleeping Beauty - which presently awaits her awakening in March 2018 under the caring new leadership of Mr. & Mrs. Meier. 

We look forward to welcoming you.  

Home-made hospitality

Talk to us. We speak your language.

Thank you for your patience, whilst the English version of our webpage is in production. In the meantime, please do not hesitate to ask anything you like at:

May our home, become yours....

We believe in old-school values with a modern approach & invite you to come and enjoy our hospitality. We have been in this business for more than 30 years, working for hotels in Europe, Latin America, The Caribbean, on Cruise Ships & more. We have bottled up all  our experience to serve 'The Best Of it all' to you - and if time allows, yes we have some pretty funny stories to share with you too.

The Experience

If you like what you see, send us an email and we will help you with the details of your trip - from booking your accommodation and assisting you with ideas for your tour through the Black Forest and other parts of Germany, Switzerland & France. This region - we call home and we are happy to help you with the journey. Any activity you would like to arrange from walking, biking, museums, spa, wellness, city trips, culinary experiences and more - we are here for you.

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